Import or export goods to/from Spain

Import or export goods to/from Spain

Importing or exporting a product inside or outside Andorra to/from Spain has several requirements imposed by the customs department of the Tax Agency, it all depends on the type of product. In general, the following must be met:

Fiscal identification

Initially, the company or natural person must be registered with the Tax Agency and have a tax identification number (NIF) to be able to import or export a product. In the case of companies, it is also necessary that they have the EORI number activated.

Border documentation

All merchandise must be accompanied by the relevant documentation to complete the customs declaration. Commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, if applicable... among others.

Licenses and Authorizations

It is important to find out about the requirements for each product, as some need to obtain a license or prior authorization before importing or exporting, as is the case with food products, chemicals, weapons, among others.

Compliance with technical and safety regulations

It is necessary to comply with the specific technical and safety regulations for each product, such as the regulations on labelling, quality, electrical safety, approvals, among others.

Payment of taxes and fees

The import or export of products involves the payment of taxes and customs fees that must be paid by the importer or exporter.

It is important to comply with the requirements mentioned above, in order to avoid sanctions by the Administration.

It is important to mention that the requirements may vary according to the type of products and the country of origin or destination, so it is advisable to always consult a customs agency.

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